Thursday, November 6, 2008

Etsy Purchases? What Etsy Purchases, Geoff?

So on Saturday when Geoff balances the checkbook and pays the bills, he's going to see a F E W things from Etsy.

And I'm just telling you now so you can tell the police later -- when they're investigating the death of Geoff by heart attack -- that I NEEDED every single one of those items.

And, yes, Geoff does ALL the checkbook/bill stuff. For the good of our marriage, I keep myself FAR AWAY from the checkbook and the paying of bills -- Geoff would probably have a stroke if he ever saw my old checkbook registers ... and I use the plural loosely as I've probably only actually ever filled in a checkbook register entry, like, maybe 50 times. MAYBE.

Specifically, I'd like to draw your attention to this:

from this Etsy shop.

HELLO! It's about birds and french fries AND it's my favorite color combo. I couldn't have even come up with something so wonderful and ALL I THINK ABOUT ALL DAY LONG are french fries and the combination of french blue and dark red. And also, birds.

What I'm getting at is that -- in the very near future -- Etsy is probably going to be listed as a justifiable reason for divorce.

I mean, I know at least one person in my house who will probably totally be in favor of that come Saturday when he looks at our bank stuff.

I will, as usual, play ignorant.

And also wear a very low-cut shirt.


Annie said...

OK, that is too cute! I love that the seller has prints in an "I Love Your Utensils" series. That is classic.

Meghan said...

I know. I want those, too, along with SEVERAL others that I've marked as favorites ... I'm exercising a lot of restraint here.