Monday, November 17, 2008

Internet, I Need Your Opinion

... on what to do with my hair.

While pregnant, a woman doesn't typically lose as much hair each day as she would otherwise. And when the baby is around 3 or 4 months old, the hair starts falling out like crazy.

In clumps.

All over her head.

And this is particularly annoying when a person decides to dye her hair dark brown around the same time.

So right now my haircut is all uneven and gross and it's got curl to it and I'm way too lazy to blow dry every day.

And I need a bang trim (which I'm getting today in 45 minutes -- YAY!).

Yesterday, Geoff took some pictures of me and Phoebe and I looked at them and thought "How incredibly boring is my hair?"

Please ignore what Geoff lovingly calls my "ham sandwiches" and what my brother simply calls "jiggly arms". And yes, that is a bag of dog poop off to the side.


In any event, it's a mop.

I'm tired of it.

I've been growing it out FOREVER and I never style it at all. I mean, unless ponytails count as styling.

And I've been mulling over doing a bob ... or something ... and then my friend Travis sent me a link to a new video game.

That "stars" this chick:

And I think "That's pretty awesome -- maybe I could get a haircut like that".

So, internet ... what are your thoughts?

Do you have ideas? You know, like Katie Holmes' old haircut?

And, yes, I realize her hair is totally straight and mine isn't, but if it was that short, I could blow dry! I mean, maybe slightly longer than that, so I could put into a ponytail.

Of course if I didn't blow-dry, I'd just look like this:

(And we started watching this movie the other night and Geoff said "Whoa, Elizabeth Taylor's got some ham sandwiches, too!" So, you know, we'd match)

And, dear God, I am just hoping it'd look cute and I won't look like a weeble wobble with a teeny head and a fat butt. Sigh.

I need inspiration. My hair is entirely too boring these past few years (wedding growing out, and then pregnancy malaise, and now hair falling out, which is finally slowing down)

This is what I looked like a mere 4 years ago (wait - 4 years ago!?) when I met Geoff:

And I loved that haircut ... loved it! But now I have bangs and love them and would like to incorporate them somehow ...

So ...

Whatcha got?



Candice Lynn said...

The Collins English Dictionary has added "meh" to its 30th anniversary edition, to be published next year; thought you would be excited! (Source: fark) On the hair front, I vote for the bob, Katie Holmes style.

Annie said...

I second the bob vote! Definitely long enough for a pony tail though. The only thing I hate about my shorter hair is that I can't hop out of the shower and put it in a bun anymore (well, I can, but it looks like a sad, tiny little attempt at a bun).

Anonymous said...

ham sandwiches? never heard that one before...can't give much advice on the hair thing. i've had the same exact 'do since i decided to grow my bangs out at age 16...your hair looks great. you get an "A" for adventurous :)

Meghan said...

After getting my bangs trimmed, I think I'm over the desire to cut my hair off.

For now.

I mean, I made my appointment for trim/dye Dec. 9 so who knows what I'll be in the mood for by then ...

Stephanie Precourt said...

That video game haircut is pretty cute!!