Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lowered Expectations

Tonight did not at all turn out as I'd hoped. And that is because I am the mother of a 4-month-old child.

Geoff put on his nice pants. I put on eyeliner. And Phoebe decided to cry for NO REASON until we pulled over at El Mariachi restaurant on 41 so I could feed her, all the while telling Geoff (and myself) that she just needed to eat and she'd stop, I swear!

I don't know what she needed. But none of it was in the parking lot of El Mariachi.

One night a month I want to go to one of my favorite restaurants to hang out with my one favorite winemaker friend, my husband and my baby and for $10 (for Geoff and I) drink great wines and eat great foods. One! First Thursday of each month. So the opportunity to have everything align on that one day is usually slim, but I'm always optimistic.

We missed last month, so I figured this month we'd be good.


We were not good.

The hour lasts from 6 - 7, and by around 6:45 the calamari starts looking thin (and cold) and the breadsticks are definitely gone. So at 5:50, in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant, we decided to call it a night.

Geoff drove. I had eye makeup getting misty in my eyes.

You know when you try so hard and want so badly for something to happen? And you look forward to it with everything in your heart and you're so optimistic that it's all going to work out (it has to!) because you want it to happen so badly? And then it doesn't. I mean, it's the worst.

And there was nothing at all in the world we could have done. Tonight just happened to be the 1 night this month that Phoebe will have a cry-for-no-reason moment. And I realize how lucky we are that it happens so rarely we don't know how to react when it does.

We went through the "El Taco de Mexico" drive-thru for taquitos and nachos (that cost $15 -- $5 more than Hoppes would have cost, natch) and came home and opened a bottle of $5 Barefoot Merlot.

Whatever. It tastes good out of an expensive Swedish glass and after the first glass it really doesn't matter that we're not in Cayucos when we're drinking it.

Phoebe calmed down shortly after we got home, and fell asleep after a brief period of eating and being changed into pajamas.

I'm half a bottle in to some cheap wine.

Geoff is playing acoustic guitar in a T-shirt -- the first thing to come off when we got home was his nice black sweater.

My eye makeup is nowhere near where it was applied 3 hours ago and I can't help but thinking sometimes things work out for the better.

I mean, in the long run, I still got to hang out with my 2 most favorite people in the whole wide world ... even if tonight one of them really got on my nerves.


Annie said...

Bummer! I was so hoping to live vicariously through you! There's always next month :)

Anonymous said...

Why thank you, dear. But why when the true idiocy is to be found at ?

Inviting you over for today.