Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Most Awesome Children's Desk Ever

Our friend Alexis is having a huge party at the Cayucos Vets' Hall next Tuesday to celebrate her 50th birthday.

Not only are we going, we are getting a babysitter.

"Entertaining" attire is required and as I am too fat for anything other than the pitiful collection of Old Navy I've acquired in recent months, I have NOTHING fun to wear so I decided I needed to go to the new "Village Thrift II" down the street and hope they sell leopard-print muu muus.

I'm not sure I can express this without an emoticon, but that place has SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!

I love a good second hand shop, but haven't really found anything too great here. And I realize this place might be this awesome now because it's so new and nobody else has grabbed the really good stuff, but I plan to go there EVERY DAY to make sure nobody else can get ANYTHING really good. I want it all.

Because let me tell you what I walked away with:

1. Lite-Brite WITH all the colored pegs (and a wad of the black papers, most of which have holes from use).

2. Pair of (size OH-MY-GOD-ARE-YOU-SERIOUS-I'M-STILL-THAT-SIZE-AND-THEY-FIT?!) Red Velour Victoria's Secret pants (possibly to wear to party, possibly to wear for serious)

3. Royal blue dress that is so amazing I want to cry because it doesn't fit (couldn't try it on with the baby in the Bjorn and all, but hey -- it was $3 and, you never know, I may need to wear an awesome vintage royal blue dress 15 lbs from now)

4. Vintage Children's Desk

5. Several vintage "Little Golden" books

Cost? $27.

I love America.

Geoff never had a Lite-Brite so he's excited about that (and I'm excited because even if we don't want it, or get bored with it quickly, we can probably sell it for like $20 on Ebay and the $17 difference from what I paid means one more item I can buy off Etsy).

I love the Little Golden books because some of them are from 1969 and that's before even Geoff was born. And he is old. I mean, let's face it.

Mostly, I love the desk.

And Geoff is ambivalent. Captain Hoarder said to me "We don't have room" and I said "Look, she is going to LOVE THIS DESK in a year and a half" (or however old kids are when they start to color and what not) and until then I'M going to love it because it's so awesome.

He gave me The Face.

I said "Trust me -- this desk is awesome and I can't believe I found it for $15".

He said "But there's no room!"

And I said "Yes there is -- there's room in Phoebe's room and it's going to look awesome there".

So I went on Ebay to see if I could find it (because if it can be found on Ebay then Geoff knows its TRUE value) but I have no idea what era it is. The top looks very much like my old retro kitchen table with the chrome - you know the type I hope. I think even Target sells fake ones. But it's got that kinda "marble-y" looking top.

In any event, it's awesome. And if any of you know ANYTHING about vintage children's desks, I'd love an approximate appraisal. Lie to me if you must.

I mean, you know, because Geoff would love the desk as much as I do if only he knew it was worth any amount over the $15 I paid for it.

I know. He's totally weird.

Here are some extremely horrible pictures that don't do it justice because I am impatient and my vodka is getting warm:

I want one in my size.


Anonymous said...




if i had a desk like this--in jumbo jeff-size--i would stop surfing the interwebs and would focus on my studies.

...also my cursive would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

take it from lily...phoebe WILL indeed be loving that desk in a year or two. lily has several thrift shop or yard sale desks situated throughout the house:one in her room that joe found for $15 and another down here in the computer room where she colors and "works" while we are on the computer. grandma had found that one for dirt cheap and it's great 'cause there are all these hidden drawers for hiding all her supplies when not in use. and your little vintage one is adorable! tuck it in a good corner and captain hoarder will get used to it :)

Leanne said...

I had a desk kinda like that -- it was green and it was at my grandma's house. I think that desk changed my life! I LOVED SITTING AT IT AND COLORING!!!!!!!!

It might be, however, what made me want to go to school for ever and ever. :)

Phoebe is gonna LOVE it! trust me, it was worth every penny!!! I'm tempted to go down there and squeeze in it and do some homework LOL!

Annie said...

Nice finds! I totally remember those desks in school.

Want some good news? Village Thrift has been in Atascadero for a while, they just moved further south on El Camino! So they should continue to have good stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I sat at THAT desk in kindergarten. The lift up top with storage inside. Awesome! So I found many to compare pricing for you, but this one is best... I mean it is the British version and it is 100 GBP... at current exchange that is about $160. For Geoff...

Meghan said...

I knew it was awesome.

Bear in mind, we're talking about a man who would love to live in a house totally furnished by items for sale on late-night TV.