Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My New Favorite Diaper

My apologies to those of you who don't cloth diaper, but I am so excited about this I have to give it (and my favorite diaper store) a BIG OL SHOUT OUT.

I ordered one of these from Jardine Diapers last week and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And Jardine has been EXTREMELY prompt about shipment. I mean, I have gotten things the next day. Granted, we're in the same county so it should be that fast, but she's packaging and shipping the day I order. And that is awesome.

But, sadly, it means I don't have any pending shipments of purchases.

And I want more contour kissaluvs!

This diaper (with a snappi) fits Phoebe so well (thankfully she's putting on some weight -- according to my scale she's 14.5 lbs, which is odd because when I was on the scale with her I thought she must weigh at least 30).

I've been using it at night, with a prefold as a "doubler" to catch extra potty and oh man it's worked GREAT.

I'm finally getting the hang of things. I took a break from cloth diapering for awhile while Phoebe's skinny little legs didn't fit ANY covers and poop pretty much went everywhere no matter what I tried or did.

Well, now we're back and everything fits and I've got a good stash of covers and diapers built up.

My favorite cover? Thirsties. By and large. These work GREAT for Phoebe and I just ordered 3 more in the girl colors and I can't tell you how incredibly cute they are.

Even when we were always doing cloth at home in the beginning, I'd put her in a disposable for going out in public to save myself the hassle of carrying around dirty diapers. But now that Phoebe is older, it's a lot easier to predict her moods and needs so I don't feel so totally unprepared for anything. So we've been going strong now for a week of no disposables in public, at night, anything.

And it's been going really well.

I think this means (and this is key here) that I should be allowed to buy this wet bag for my out and about diapering (so I'm not using a Ziploc).

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