Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I Love Geoff

I made chili soup the other night (which is just ground beef or turkey, stewed tomatoes, kidney beans, corn, beef broth, cumin, chili powder, onion, garlic, etc.).

Every time I make soup, Geoff asks for extra broth.

Every time Geoff eats soup, there is usually about a cup of broth left in his bowl when he's finished.

Tonight we had the leftovers and Geoff asked me if he could open a can of chicken broth to add to his soup. I told him I didn't mind and actually thought it was cute that he asked.

He added about half to his individual bowl and the other half to the one remaining serving of soup in the tupperware.

Right now I am looking at his finished bowl of soup.

A bowl with about half a can of leftover broth in it.

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Kyle Johnson said...

Broth just gets in the way of all the good stuff...