Monday, December 29, 2008

Had To

We are en route to a trip to Monterey for a few days, but I had to post some Phoebe Pics.

First, just chillin' at Grandma's house:

Then chewing on Grandma's robe tie ...

Hangin' out at Grandpa Gary's house ...

... and a pic with Great-Grandpa Jack

And finally, a video of laughter ... (please ignore the argument over how the camera works and the fact that I was wearing a cashmere sweater and it was approximately 500 degrees inside my mom's house and I was holding Phoebe, the human heating pad)



Annie said...

That video is great :) Did Geoff really say "Sham Wow" and she laughed?? That's awesome LOL!

Poodle said...

Our baby likes informercials, what can I say? She LOVES when Geoff does Billy Mays' voice. You know "Billy Mays here for Oxyclean". She cracks up.