Saturday, December 6, 2008

Phoebe's First Meal

Tonight marked a milestone at our house: Phoebe ate from a spoon.

Although tonight marked the first time Phoebe has had cereal, she has had "people food" before:

-On Halloween, Geoff gave her some white chocolate cream cheese frosting (she loved it and we took pictures, but my mom NEVER UPLOADS HER PICTURES! Not to worry, Internet, I will be uploading them when I'm in Bakersfield next week.)

-At Farmer's Market a few Saturdays ago, I gave her some of the masa from my tamale Oxaqueno

-On Thursday night, I gave her some goat cheese at Hoppes

-This morning at the funeral service for Kim's grandpa, I fed Phoebe some lemon bar

We were a little bit worried that cereal might be a bit too pedestrian for her tastes, but luckily those worries were totally unfounded.

She. Loved. Cereal.

We decided tonight would be the night mostly because Geoff is going to be in the middle of the Utah desert for the next 2 weeks looking for an endangered cactus.

I could not make up what he does for a living.

Also, as I have been eating a LOT more healthfully than before, Phoebe's diapers have been ... um ... well, colorful. Every one is chock full of presents. EVERY ONE!

So, tonight was the night.

Here are a smattering of pics (I would have uploaded the video, but it's too large for blogger and I'm too lazy to figure out another way to do it).

Here's the pics ...

First, an introduction to the cereal:

Next, the sample: (please note the 4th nerve palsy rearing it's eye in this one -- for those of you who say "I don't see anything!" It's still there!)

Then, the excitement "Oh my gosh do I get MORE OF THAT!?":

Then, mom, who needs to stop eating so much cereal:

Dad tries his hand at this:


And, finally, satisfaction:


Anonymous said...

what a BIG girl! she is so cute, you guys. has she had bananas yet? those were lily's favorites and spinach too (not anymore, though) she's a brocco-lily and string bean kinda gal nowadays. enjoy your day :) 5 weeks til my due date...hard to believe there will be a baby boy among our family.

Candice Lynn said...

I will love it if YOUR daughter's food tastes continue to be "pedestrian" throughout her life and her favorite restaurant is Chili's.

Meghan said...

That's just mean.

Today she didn't like the cereal. Or banana. So maybe she really is my daughter afterall!

(And today was the first time she tried banana, Robyn -- nothing else yet)

Annie said...

Too cute!