Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Today I received 2 of the 3 Christmas gifts I got for Geoff, which is awesome because I ordered them on Monday and that means they will have over a week of being wrapped under the tree, filling up all the empty space we have there presently.

I also received a care package from Geoff's grandparents. Geoff's grandpa Jack is going to be 90 in March and his grandma just turned 88 (I believe) a few weeks ago.

Jack is highly creative and energetic for his age ... really, he's energetic for any age. He drinks beer, goes to the UC Berkeley (his alma mater) football game with the men in the family each year and they eat salami and bread and drink beer. He's great. And if we have a son, his name will be Jack after Grandpa.

You can imagine my delight when I opened the box, thinking that everything inside would be wrapped -- if Geoff thought I was opening gifts early I'd get that face -- and discovered the following:

1. 2 tracts titled "Let Faith Rise Up" and "Walk In Faith"

2. Toddler-sized bathrobe

3. 6 oz. container (in box) of Pepsodent Complete Care Original Flavor toothpaste

4. 1 pair of 0-3 month size infant socks with a picture of Bugs Bunny

5. 1 pair ladies gardening gloves, red and green

6. 1 package Care Bears Baby hypo-allergenic baby wipes

7. 1 Sunbeam kitchen timer, in "half" the package -- the plastic front part is there, but not the cardboard it was stuck to.

8. 2-pair Newborn-sized mittens featuring a picture of 2 ducks

9. 1 box Reynolds Clear Seal-Tight plastic wrap; 50 sq. ft.

10. 1 green kitchen towel

11. 2 dark green washcloths

12. 1 5 oz. package "California's Finest" Cranberry Trail Mix

13. 4-pack of Sony Heavy Duty AA batteries

14. 1 bar - in box - Palmolive Classic Scent Mild All Family Soap

15. 1 6 oz. box Sun-Maid Natural California Raisins

16. 1 Box Family Time Microwave Popcorn, natural flavor, 3 bags in a box

17. 1 Sponge for use in the shower, with suction cup to attach -- presumably -- to shower wall

18. 1 3 oz. bag of Golden Orchards California Pistachios

19. 1 10 oz. package of Lil' Dutch Maid Coconut Bar cookies

20. 1 12 oz. bottle of Sue Bee Premium Clover Honey

21. 1 box Organic White Tea, 20 bags/box

22. 1 11 oz. bottle Ultra Palmolive Original dish liquid

23. 20-count package of 6 1/2" square disposable "Luncheon Napkins". Red, green, yellow and beige striped.

24. 7 oz. box Oven-Baked Stoned Wheat Crackers

25. 1 package, 13 oz., Daddy Ray's Made With Real Fruit Artificially Flavored Low Fat Apple Bars

26. 1 box, 20 sq. ft., Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil

Were it not for the baby socks, I would have thought the package was meant for the troops and accidentally addressed to us while some soldiers overseas were getting a bunch of stuff meant for us.

The card that came with the box, however, is my favorite part. And because I am lazy, I will be scanning it in later because it will require not only going upstairs, but turning on the computer and what-not.

I will post it later.

(Edited to add: I just had to add here that Grandpa is funny and playful and I'm sure he sent this as a joke -- this is not a "oh poor old folks just got you stuff from around their house" or whatever. I mean, they're not crazy, but I'm sure he knew how funny it'd be to send this, which to me makes it even better -- it worked).

Meanwhile ... anyone need any Palmolive?


Kyle Johnson said...

I feel like all of the items are from a game on The Price is Right, and I can't help but mentally ordering them from least expensive to most expensive.

Annie said...

OK, there is no way I could come close to topping Kyle's comment, so I'm not even going to try! That is fabulous.

Poodle said...

Well I'm just wondering what the order would be. To me they all look like items from the dollar store, which I assume would mean putting them in alphabetical order since they're all the same price.