Saturday, January 10, 2009

Earlier today in San Luis Obispo, California

Today was Annie's baby shower at Giuseppe's in SLO, and not only was I having a good hair AND make-up day, but I was also 15 lbs. lighter because Geoff said "Why don't you leave the baby here?"

Which left me free to:

1. Carry a real purse

2. Carry on grown-up conversation

3. Wear an underwire bra AND a dress without breastfeeding access

First of all, Annie's friends are all amazing. All my irrational junior high fears of being the odd dork out were TOTALLY unrealized because -- even though they are a close-knit group -- they made me feel completely welcome and included. Booze didn't hurt.

In any event, I was walking to the restaurant (past my old apartment - moment of silence please and can I just say it was gorgeous today? 77 degrees outside. This is why we live here) and had to wait for the light to change at Marsh and Osos and when it did, the voice lady came on saying "You may walk now" (or whatever it is).

Well, Mr. Unhapy behind me started his speech:

"Oh, I can't believe that. I can't -- can you believe they have to have a voice telling you to walk now? They gotta ... that's just unbelievable. I guess the green man just isn't enough, is it?"

And while I was walking faster than them (my keys were lost so I was running slightly behind schedule) I considered turning around and saying "MY MOTHER IS BLIND* YOU ASSHOLE AND THE VOICES HELP HER KNOW WHEN TO CROSS THE STREET!"

*My mother isn't really blind

But I kept walking. I mean, I was wearing red lipstick and a dress that hasn't been off the hanger in a year and a half. I was amazing.

And I could still hear him going -- I mean, this went on for TWO BLOCKS!

"What else is there going to be -- on escalators? Are they gonna say 'okay you can walk now' Jeez."

Why is this guy so angry?

I really wish now that I would have said something, but once again my fear of confrontation took over. I hope he reads this one day and feels ashamed. I mean, I have my Larry David moments for sure, but this was just too much.

In other news I had an excellent time at the shower, I really must say.

There was only one game.

And several bottles of champagne.

Ed. note: I hate Annie for ALWAYS looking gorgeous in pictures while the entire time her friend was taking that picture, I was thinking "Please God don't let me have a pumpkin head in this one, and I hope my lipstick isn't on my teeth, and I hope my smile looks sincere" and I got home and looked at it and I saw my big ol' hand. Oh well, just look at Annie's GLORIOUS belly and ignore my bony knuckles.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

You really look fabulous!


Annie said...

I am so happy you came, and even happier that you had a good time! My friends asked me to tell you goodbye - they didn't realize you were parked in the opposite direction until we got to my car and said, "Where's Meghan?? I didn't get to say goodbye!"

And, I think you look fabulous in that picture, too. I WISH I could pull off red lipstick like that! Note to self: do not wear a shiny bra under a cotton dress. lol!