Monday, January 5, 2009

Phoebe is Still a Supermodel

At this morning's 6 month checkup, I learned that Phoebe is in the 95th percentile for length (she's almost 28 inches long, people) but in the 11th percentile for weight (at 14 lbs 5 oz).

I believe her weight was so low because -- like her mom -- she got on the scale after going to the bathroom, not eating anything for 12 hours beforehand and completely naked.

The pediatrician isn't concerned because he said if there was an "issue", she wouldn't be growing so long. Meanwhile I think I'm going to back off the solid (less caloriffic) foods for awhile and go back to breastfeeding more often just to be sure. Although I am proud of myself because I did make some baby foods on Saturday (carrot, butternut squash, pears and sweet potato) but they'll keep in the freezer while we use 1 per day now instead of 2.

She did well with her shots (at the time) and is now somewhat cranky, but we're watching Rachael Ray (which might be making her cranky, come to think of it) and trying to feel better.

Too bad she's still too young for gin.


Jocelyn said...

I just found your blog. It is so entertaining. Mike is in bed and I just keep reading one more and then one more. . . It's fun because P is the same age as Keller and Maguire. Please don't look at mine-it's seriously boring after reading yours. :) Jocelyn

Poodle said...

Um after you posted this, I read your ENTIRE BLOG last night ... so it's really not that boring :D