Friday, February 13, 2009


I am only posting because I promised to post every day this month.

That picture of the baby is just supposed to butter you up.

Coupla things on my mind:

1. Despite all my efforts, Geoff STILL does not like 30 Rock.

2. Despite the above, I still love him.

3. Phoebe's new development is to MAKE OUT with our dog. When Lola goes to kiss her now, she OPENS HER MOUTH. And that dog's breath is HORRIBLE so I'm starting to wonder if she is lacking a sense of smell.

4. The chocolates I ordered from CocoaBella arrived today and Geoff and I have exercised some restraint in only trying 3 of them so far tonight -- total!

5. I can't wait to post about tomorrow's dinner, but that's gonna wait until tomorrow.

I am sorry, my husband just handed me a vanilla malt milkshake.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.


Geoff said...

That 30 Rock the other night was ok.

Candice Lynn said...

NOT like 30 Rock? Blasphemy! And he should have handed you a McFlurry.