Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So I was going to upload an adorable video of Phoebe giving lovies to her stuffed animal, but because I haven't gotten my vimeo confirmation yet, and blogger's video upload system TAKES FOREVER, I'm going with this instead.

"This" being What we had for dinner tonight.

Macaroni and cheese, Swedish meatballs with a "tangy" sauce of chili sauce and grape jelly and some canned green beans.

I have a fetish for vintage Americana food, mostly because my mom neglected my foodie education by never serving it to us. No tuna noodle casseroles. No liver and onions. Nothing in weird Jell-o molds. Nothing at all to complain about to the health department.

I know, I had it rough.

So to make up for it, I make my own TV Dinners. And -- God help me -- I do so love canned green beans. And I also have a soft spot for anything made with cream of mushroom soup.

The mac and cheese recipe I will post when I have more energy. The Swedish meatball recipe is straight from Cook's Illustrated, except these were the 2nd half of the batch I made a month ago, defrosted today. So instead of using the sauce from their recipe (which was fabulous), I made this horribly wonderful combination I read about in some vintage cookbook a few months ago of, again, chili sauce and grape jelly. I was in heaven.

Enjoy these pics ... I know you are jealous.

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Annie said...

I absolutely refused to eat canned green beans when I was little. I truly believe it had something to do with the color of them. To this day, my parents tell people how they left me at the dinner table one night "until I would eat my green beans." Guess who went to bed that night with cold green beans left on her plate? Victory!