Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Honor

So in honor of one of my favorite websites, Oh My That's Awesome, I am going to start a new feature on here called "Best Thing Ever".

Hyperbole? Maybe. You decide.

I started the feature of "Best Thing Ever" yesterday, of course, with promoting the website Beauty Pedia.

Today I am going to feature (in addition to the site of "Oh My That's Awesome") the ice cream flavor Ginger Snap made by the devils at Ben and Jerry's.

This ice cream might be the best one ever made:

Brown sugar and cinnamon ice cream, caramel-ginger swirl, gingersnap cookies.

It's amazing and limited edition, which means I'm on a new diet of "Ginger Snap Ice Cream" and nothing else. Hey -- 1 pint is 1160 calories, which is WAY less than I need to lose weight.

And yet -- oddly -- this ice cream is totally interfering with my desire to lose 10 lbs by Saturday.

I am excited about this new feature of here on Quiet Down Cobwebs.

I hope you are, too.

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