Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love Bathtime

Today I made cupcakes and cookies. I went to Costco, lunch, the bank, changed 2 horrible poopy diapers and then gave the baby a bath.

These pictures are from a few days ago, but they're still so freaking cute I had to share.

She always grabs the washcloth to suck on it -- but only after it's full of soapy water, so she usually gets a nice bubbles mustache. And I always have to grab a 2nd washcloth in order to wash her.

Note: her face is covered in sweet potatoes. I figured we could be messy with dinner since she was going to get a bath later.

Try not to get a toothache ... I know I will, but not from these pictures.

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Mama Parker said...

I will stalk blog is sort of boring since I am talking about cloth diapers and all!!