Monday, February 2, 2009

She can feed herself

Tonight I read in Dr. Spock that it's a good idea to give babies foods that aren't pureed so they can get used to eating them -- even before they have teeth.

I also read that babies probably want to start feeding themselves around 7 months.

As Phoebe will be 8 months in 2 weeks, I thought "Maybe I should try this out".

First, we tried a piece of stale bread. And while she figured out it was something to put in her mouth she wasn't too thrilled with it. I wouldn't be either.

So, next I fed her a bit of flour tortilla I had charred a little bit on the stovetop. She liked flour tortilla.

So I tried corn tortilla, also charred on the stovetop, and just handed it to her to see what she'd do.

And she fed herself about 1/4 of that corn tortilla, ripping it into pieces, sucking on folded up pieces, and loving every bite.

I was sitting here on the sofa watching as my baby fed herself for the first time.

I can't believe it.

She is growing up so fast.

But at least she has good taste in food.

And Lola didn't mind eating up the scraps.

It was not difficult to determine when she'd had enough -- both of the tortilla and of mom taking pictures:

... but afterward, she was full of laughs and smiles ...

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robyn :) said...

good job, phoebe!!!! you are on your way! someday she will be 4 and want to have a princess party...i never thought my tomboy, earwig-picker, earthworm-finding daughter would insist on a princess-themed birthday party...yikes! but, one day, phoebe will probably be cinderella, too!