Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I Love Geoff

Geoff recorded the Today show and we're watching it right now.

Specifically, we're watching the segment on the chimp that attacked the woman in Connecticut.

Geoff said the chimp could bathe itself, take keys and let itself out of the house, etc.

I said "Why did it attack that woman?"

He said "Because it's a freaking wild animal! No matter how you think you can raise it and teach it to be all nice, it's still a wild animal! People always go 'ohh what happened' -- It's not a human!! THAT'S what happened!"


"They're freaking dangerous! I would LOVE a pet chimp"

When we watched the segment and it got to the part that said the chimp could drink wine out of stemmed glasses, Geoff said:

"See? Man, my DREAM is to have a chimp that serves drinks"

He is dead serious.


Annie said...

Please remind him that a chimp can rip your face off!! This is too funny :)

Poodle said...

Well, I edited it a little bit for clarity's sake -- he was saying he'd LOVE one BUT FOR the fact that they rip your face off. LOL I mean, he'd LOVE one ... I was just trying to type fast before he caught on that I was blogging about him.

Annie said...

You know what's funny (not funny ha-ha, but funny ironic)? I left that comment before I even went and read the article on the Today Show web page... which actually did state that the chimp "ripped Nash’s face off." Yikes.