Sunday, March 15, 2009

Afterall, the blog is called "quiet down cobwebs"

... so I suppose I should be blogging more about Phoebe and not so much about housework.

Today is a great day for that mostly because Geoff has now told his Aunt Donna about the site (Hi, Donna!) and today I did pretty much no housework (oh, just washing diapers, running the dishwasher, making dinner - nothing "extra" though).

I don't want Donna to have to scroll too much to get to the good stuff, and I'm enjoying procrastinating housework.

I just have to note that I have noticed MORE spiders in our house since I've started cleaning, making me question the entire thing, although my new habit of wearing lace-up shoes in the house has cut down significantly on the amount of paper towels I'm using to kill said spiders.

To to get to the good stuff ... here is a smattering of Phoebepics from the past two weeks ...

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