Monday, March 9, 2009

The block that was caused by the change

I realized today that my focus for the past week or so has been pretty much devoted to learning how to be a better housewife.

I am very proud of this new development -- it really is a challenging new skill, and I feel like I'm taking quite well to it.

The problem is, well, nobody seems to care and -- hello! -- I'm really proud of myself! I mean, really proud!

You have no idea how difficult it's been for me to actually put stuff away after dinner, and wash the dishes and not just leave the dishes for the morning, and then rush to put food away before going to bed at night.

This has taken an EXTREME amount of self discipline that I didn't know I had.

Maybe the skills of housewifery aren't so impressive anymore -- is it taken for granted? I certainly thought it would come more easily to me. Like weight loss: you have to make the conscience effort to do it, or it won't work. You have to change your life.

Internet, I have literally changed my life.

Geoff asks me "Why are you going to mop the bathroom -- I just did it a few weeks ago?"

And I'm like "I know! We've been doing it 'every few weeks', but we should do it once a week -- there's no reason not to".

And I'm EXCITED about doing it. I know it's easily accomplished. I know I'm going to do it once a week (on Fridays) and I love knowing that it's going to get done. There's a time. And I'm going to do it. It's scheduled. It's so liberating.

The problem -- for me -- has been that because my focus is totally on doing this, my more creative blogging efforts have completely taken a crap.

Last night before going to sleep I swear to you I thought of about 5 things I wanted to blog, but right now -- staring at the clean counters in my kitchen -- I have no idea what I wanted to say.

I am tired.

Daylight Savings knocked it out of me.

Plus, Phoebe has her first cold. It's just a little sneeze 'n' cough. And after each cough she laughs, so I don't think she minds it all that much (it's the cutest thing I've ever seen though).

Right now she's upstairs hanging out with Geoff who is -- I am certain -- reading one of his many WWII books.

He and I have often joked that we should have been born at a time when he could have fought in WWII for our country and I could have been a martini-swilling housewife in a perfectly-starched dress and apron.

So when we watch movies like "Revolutionary Road", we go "What's so bad about suburbia?"

I mean, really?

I take pride in our clean house and the homemade meals I make for us.

I take pride in doing a load of laundry and -- As God as my witness -- being totally caught up on all of it.

I'm really proud of the clean counters in my kitchen, or the fact that my kitchen floor has now been mopped once a week for the past 2 weeks! I'm on a roll.

I want people to come to my house, use my toilet and ask "Can I please eat off this?"

A few years ago a movie came out called "Mona Lisa Smile". And while watching the movie, I realized that we were all supposed to feel sorry for the girl who was showing off her new washing machine because we were supposed to believe that she had sacrificed herself in exchange for an appliance. That -- somehow -- being a housewife meant she wasn't using her brains, or her sense, or her creativity.

Damnit, I want to show off my stove.

I'm proud of our house and the work the thought that goes into it.

And even Geoff looks at me cockeyed because I gush about how excited I am to have a clean house -- and that I've actually FIGURED IT OUT.

And that is the key: I've figured it out. My brain is constantly tackling this new problem, and doing so creatively, with a great deal of thought, planning and effort.

If I had studied Home Ec and not Journalism in college, maybe this wouldn't be such an accomplishment.

And, the thing is, I think I'm actually really good at it, which means it's doubly rewarding.

So my apologies while I pursue a new "bachelor's degree" (or would it be "wife's degree"?) in housewifery for awhile and ignore the one I earned several years ago.

These new skills are taking some serious getting used to, and I am enjoying every minute of learning them.

I may even have to host a cocktail party soon.

Starched dress and all.


Annie said...

For what it's worth, I totally care! I suck at keeping things clean on a regular schedule and usually will sweep and mop etc. when I just can't stand looking at the messes anymore.

And, I can't wait for the cocktail party. My dress will be starched and waiting lol!

Kyle Johnson said...

i put a cleaning schedule on our fridge so that we stay clean at our house.

Stillman Brown said...

I am going to bomb John's room when he's at school. To see if he notices when he gets home.