Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I Love Geoff

A Conversation Over Dinner

Me: So, I was watching Oprah the other day and she had these people on who use calorie restriction as a way of extending life -- Dr. Oz says it might be possible. Like, one guy said in his 50s he had 30/20 vision, but after doing calorie restriction for 7 years, his vision is 20/20 and he's in his 60s now! He said his eye doctor even started doing it after seeing his results! One guy was in his 50s and the doctors said he had the body of a person in his 20s! It was really cool.

Geoff: Eh, whatever, I like food too much to do that.

Me: Pfft. See you around then. When I'm 150 I guess I'll be dating those hot young 125 year olds.


Geoff: Whatever, I wouldn't want to live to be 150 anyway.

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