Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guess we need to finally put away all those bowls of bleach we have laying around the house

While reading Phoebe her FAVORITE book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", Phoebe took her first official "crawling" steps today. The only reason it's caught on tape is that I wanted to record her reaction to my reading her the book she loves so much.

And so I apologize that you have to listen to me dorkily reading this book, but that's the price you pay for cute baby voyeurism, my friends.

You could, of course, turn off the sound. But then you wouldn't hear Phoebe laughing!


So sweet.

And she hasn't done it again.

Of course.


Jocelyn said...


Meghan said...

Lucky that I caught it on tape OOOORRRRR lucky that she's not quite crawling yet? She rolls and scoots -- I mean, she gets all OVER the place.

It's just now ... I guess it's gonna be more directed.

Annie said...

I can't believe you caught that on camera, that is awesome!! Go, Phoebe, go!