Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of Moles and Men, or Why I Love Geoff

Last Saturday Geoff and I went to Home Depot to get a few things. We have a repairman coming tomorrow to fix a bunch of things around our house that need repair (kitchen faucet, bathroom and kitchen lights, outside electrical issues, etc.). I am so excited about all of it that I could die from joy.

See, the thing is -- and I LOVE Geoff -- he just isn't all that handy. And -- God Bless Him -- he tries to be. And I respect that. I mean, he tries. He wants to fix things. He even told me he wished he could be here to watch the repairman at work so he could learn some things from him.

Geoff just has a different set of skills.

When we were getting in the car on Saturday, I saw what I thought was a mouse by the passenger side of the car (Geoff was driving) and there was a cat right by it. I -- naturally -- shrieked and said "OMG! A MOUSE! ... or ... something!"

It looked like a mouse, but not really. I mean, it was small and furry and a cat was nearby so what else would it be? But it had weird looking hands.

Geoff came around the side and said "Oh wow -- it's a mole! Wow! I've never seen one alive before! It looks hurt ... I bet that cat got it. I'm gonna go get something to put it in and we can go release him down by the creek."

Ladies and gentlemen, I had -- until that moment -- never seen a mole: alive, dead, in photographic form, anything. I would have never in a million years guessed that's what it was. And furthermore, my natural instinct was not to go release it down by the creek, but to run away and never think about such horrible things again.

That man - who gags at Phoebe's diapers - went into the house, grabbed a gardening glove and a small box, picked up the mole, put it into the box and got in the car (I was driving now because no WAY was I gonna hold that mole-housing open container - I don't care how injured he was) and proceeded to take a video of it with his cell phone going "Oh wow this is so cool - I didn't know they made sounds - it sounds like a mouse! I've only ever seen 2 of them and they were both already dead -- their humerus bone is almost wider than it is long because all they do is just dig through the dirt to find insects - they're so strong. I wonder what it was doing above ground?"

He was SO EXCITED and sad for the mole. I bet by now he has emailed that video to his former professor, Dr. Gobalet (the same professor who -- along with his wife -- was there on our first date). The same Dr. Gobalet to whom Geoff once sent a beaver skeleton via the United States Postal Service.

We drove to the creek, and Geoff got out of the car and let the mole go. When he came back he said, "He doesn't look like he's got much more fight in him, but he might have a better chance of surviving out here."

He was so amazed at the opportunity we had to see a mole up close and alive that his curiosity and excitement even made me a little less afraid.

In my mind, that mole is doing just fine somewhere. And if not, I'm sure there's another biologist who will find the skeleton and quite possibly send it to Dr. Gobalet.


Annie said...

My parents have a bunch of them destroying their side lawn if he'd like to come do a study!

Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

Remember when Carrie told Aiden that squirrels were just rats in a cuter outfit? Well, it looks like moles are just mice with a better manicure; a more New Jersey-ian manicure, if you will.

robyn :) said...

i swear, geoff is the male version of me! you oughta see the creatures i have brought home.... baby opossum, muskrat, snakes, mice, frogs, the two toads we now have as pets, though never a mole. they are very odd looking :)

Little Lady Cakes said...

Geoff sounds exactly like my husband.

Gotta love 'em.

Candice Lynn said...

My immediate reaction to your picture link? EW! Yay for you and your animal/science lovin' man.