Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Phoebe v. Luke and Mia

Geoff took this video of Phoebe and her Boise cousins while I was out shopping (and then drinking margaritas) with their mother, our mother-in-law and Geoff's youngest brother's girlfriend.

I have laughed so hard at this video so many times, it could almost qualify as child abuse. The only thing that makes it okay is that none of the kids were around while I was laughing at them.


I also think it illustrates -- perfectly -- just how mellow Phoebe is (usually). She's just so happy to observe the world around her, even when the world around her is going absolutely nuts. I blame the sugar cereal.


Jocelyn said...

O my gosh. I'm glad those aren't my kids. WOW-are they always that ummmmm active?

Poodle said...

No! That's the thing -- they're both REALLY well-behaved kids! They're really polite, nice, sweet kids. But I know they had sugar cereal for breakfast (actually, waffles that morning) and I'm sure Geoff was egging them on, but it's just funny to me to compare mellow Phoebe to the older, more active kids. hehehe

Poodle said...

Also, I'm sure a little bit of cabin fever was setting in because it was WINDY and COLD that day in Bakersfield and they were at Grandpa's house so ... you know ... not a whole lot to do.