Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bread and cheese

Just yesterday Phoebe finally figured out that putting food in her mouth is a good thing. Normally she'll pick at her peas and beans and Cheerios and toss them on the floor, but yesterday she was actually enjoying eating for what I think is the first time ever. This is a pretty big milestone I think. I mean, jeez -- it's about freaking time!

So you can imagine my surprise when I made myself a piece of toast with bleu cheese on top and she started whining like "Hey -- where's mine!?"

I gave her a piece of bread first, she loved it, so I gave her a slice of sharp cheddar. She was thoroughly enjoying both. I did give her a bite of bleu cheese and she seemed to like it, but it was crumbly and more difficult for her to eat ... so she just got the taste.

I had to take some pictures though because it was so incredibly cute to watch her eat a bite of bread and then a bite of cheese.

What age is appropriate for putting wine into sippy cups? 1 year and 1 week? I mean, just wondering.

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Jocelyn said...

My favorite meal! And I definitely think wine should be fine-as long as it is in her sippy cup :)