Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farmer's market and feeding the dog

Yes, I love my new camera.

I also love my new Ergo (as does Phoebe!). Therefore, I'm posting a million pictures of my day.

Earlier ... I got to deal with this (as I do at least once a day):

(yes, that's Phoebe scattering the dog food all. over. the. floor.)

But then, I get to wear my new PURTY Ergo out in public ...

(yes, that's my mom, getting her walking shoes out of her midlifecrisismobile)

We went into a store called My Pillow Pets and when my mom showed one to Phoebe and then TOOK IT AWAY FROM HER, she started crying loud enough that my mom handed the owner a $20 and said "We're gonna buy one, but we just don't know which one yet".

So Phoebe got another froggie ... and loved it so much she couldn't even hold up her head.

Best part of tonight? The woman who came up to me and said "Did you buy your Ergo with all those designs on it?!?" and I said "Yes!" and she said "Oh man! I'm jealous! Mine is just plain black!"


I think I'm going to sleep in my Ergo tonight.


Kelly said...

Cute pics, I just bought an ergo too.

Meghan Elaine said...

I almost bought an ergo, but I got the Bjorn. Bummer you didn't like it. Maxwell wants to be held A LOT so he has been loving facing forward in it. Regardless of the carrier, isn't it so nice to have free hands to drink beer, er, I mean do things around the house?