Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

I'm only going to speak for myself and say that I ate (and possibly drank) WAAAAAY too much at the party. So Sunday morning was a little rough for me, but it improved dramatically with 2 Sprites, 1 Coca Cola and a platter o' my mom's corned beef hash covered in ketchup.

She did this during the first ultrasound, too ...

Almost 360 degree views of the ocean

Phoebe waving "Hi!" to daddy

Happy Father's Day!

Getting ice cream at the Avila Barn

Happy GRANDfather's Day!

Four generations. I was NOT AT ALL in the mood for this picture. Phoebe needed a diaper change, my grandma was nagging my brother and Geoff to take extra pictures with her camera, my mom was telling me to "Just settle down". I'm just disappointed she caught me flipping off my brother because THAT would have been a nice family picture.

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Annie said...

I think they teach you the phrase "Just settle down," in mom school. My mom tells me that sometimes, too, and it definitely does not make me want to settle down! LOL!