Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One of those ... lives

Today was rough. Phoebe wanted to nurse nonstop. I mean, non. Freaking. Stop.

She took a 45 minute nap and woke up all pissed off (meaning she hadn't slept enough) but then he NEVER went back to sleep. Yes, mom, I left her in her crib forever and she wouldn't sleep.

She'd coo and play for awhile and then work herself up ... so finally I calmed her down (again), put her in her crib and stole a 20 minute nap ... I'm just totally worn out.

I needed a haircut though. So I went (for the first time) to Fantastic Sams for a trim. Not too bad, really. I mean, I don't even have layers so how complicated can it be? But the fluorescent lights just let me know that -- no -- my natural color doesn't blend as well with this dark color as I thought it did.


Phoebe was cranky, but dazed at the hair place. I TOTALLY FORGOT how she hates blow dryers. Oh well. It wasn't that bad and -- besides -- it's Fantastic Sams. It's not like some bougie salon (like the one I used to go to) where women are drinking wine and paying $200 for highlights.

I'm just SOOOO tired. Her 2 hour nap is my saving grace each day -- when I can fart around and be somewhat irresponsible. So that it was cut short just sucks for me and makes my day so long.

Making fresh tomato/roasted corn/basil/tarragon/bleu cheese pasta tonight ... with roast chicken.

I haven't roasted a chicken in WAAAAAAAY too long and my god it's so satisfying to cook. I needed that. Just the smell and the sense of victory when it comes out of the oven. It's a simple pleasure. I put tarragon and rosemary in the cavity, both from our garden. It smells so good and it's only been 20 minutes.

Looking forward to Friday -- we're going to the music in the mission (aka pitchers on the plaza) and I'm HOPING I'll have new baby carrier (and related accessories) to show off (they were a gift from my amazing in-laws).

I wish I could live at our friends' beach house with nowhere to be and good food and good friends every day of my life! It was seriously like a vacation to stay there and have nothing else going on and to cook and have TONS of people to watch Phoebe (at one point, my mom even fed Joey -- Annie's son -- his bottle -- I mean, there were PLENTY of grandparents to hold babies) ... actually I'd just settle for the hot tub.

God that was SO NICE.

Le sigh.

Her birthday was awesome though -- I mean, new awesome digital camera, new awesome baby carrier I've been lusting after, cute clothes for the Phoeb', it was fun.

I think tonight when Geoff comes home, I'm going to ask if I can "clock off" and take a bath for awhile.

I have blogs to write and cleaning to do (going through Phoebe's clothes and sorting out what fits and what doesn't is nearly a full-time job) and diapers to fold ... but not tonight.

Tonight it's roasted chicken and hopefully a bath.

It's the little things.

And I so look forward to them.

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