Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Phoebe's Birthday

I'm busily cleaning up after frosting a cake (our place is a disaster) but "Phoebe" got a new camera for her birthday (thank you, Richard!) and I (naturally) took some pics today.

I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA. And it's been WAY too long since I've posted good pics on here thanks to the old camera being broken.

Here's just a few to whet the appetite before I can post pics of Phoebe eating her cake tonight!

I decorated this cake (and exercised restraint not COVERING it in frosting fun) and it's the first one I've ever done. I think it's pretty cute ... it's 4" across so it's Phoebe-sized (Thank you Annie, for the pastry tips and bags and stuff!)

She was all OVER the place so it was difficult to take pics of her ... but I thought this was cute -- and no floating eyeball! HOORAY!

She's had her big-girl car seat for awhile, but this is the first pic! Note the bloodshot eye. It's gonna stay that way for about 4 weeks:

We went to lunch with my mom today, but OF COURSE I left the camera in my car (safely in its protective bag) so I didn't get any pics with my camera, but my mom took some. We went to Basil in Paso Robles. It was so delicious.

Please note the squalor in my living room right now:

Geoff will be home soon and we're having fried rice (our favorite!) for dinner. And cake for dessert. That is, if Phoebe wants to share.

I can't wait.

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