Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is what I'm talking about

Phoebe getting into the DVDs (please note how removing the DVDs off the bottom shelf really was effective at keeping her away from them):

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robyn :) said...

wow! i remember playing this game with lily as she began exploring the bottom shelves of vcr tapes (i know, so prehistoric). we had to keep moving things up and putting board books and toys there instead. lily won- little babies and kids often do in the war of possession location, or relocation for that matter. there's plenty of time when we are old farts to put our delicate objects back into plain view.

love your baby carrier....i know i could not live without my baby bjorn for either child. i hiked san luis mountain so many times with lily so comfy in there, hanging out, taking in the scenery :) no mountains here, but noah enjoys it just the same. good times with the babies :D