Thursday, June 25, 2009

Why I Love Geoff

I've been hounding Geoff for -- literally -- years to (PLEASE) put his DVDs into some type of DVD book. I mean, for the love of God we're not in college anymore and there's no single ladies stopping by for him to impress with his MASSIVE collection of DVDs.

He laughs at me and says "But I like my DVDs being out"

And I scowl and say "BUT DVDS ARE NOT A DECORATION!"

And he ignores me.

I bought him these really nice books from Amazon for Christmas last year and he said "Okay so I get the hint".

I told him that the baby was going to be getting into the DVDs soon and he'd need to put them away!

He didn't listen.

So once she finally did get into the DVDs, we'd just tell her no, and then she'd laugh at us and continue grabbing at them and throwing them around the room.

So Geoff's solution to all of this was to take the bottom row off the shelf and put them somewhere else. That somewhere else was the sides of the tv stand, which is still accessible by Phoebe.

I've gently suggested he put them away because that way she won't get into them anymore and rip the covers or anything.

His concern is that he likes them alphabetized and -- what if -- what if! he buys another DVD!? Fortunately, his wife is a smart woman and the binders I bought him are made such that you can rearrange the pages -- so if he got one, he could jut put in a new page.

In any event, the other night while I was trying to sleep, he was sitting up in bed and putting his basketball cards (trying to get every card from like 1978 or something -- I can't remember what year) into the little card pages for a binder.

And it hit me.

The next day I said "You know, last night you spent some time putting those basketball cards in that binder and something occurred to me."

He very warily said "What?"

I said "Putting your DVDs away is basically the same thing".

He looked at me and said "Okay. I get it. I'll put them away this weekend".

The habits that drive me crazy about Geoff (collecting cards, comic books, DVDs, etc.) have finally -- FINALLY -- served a purpose.

And now ... I just gotta find a way to inspire him to put his CDs onto the hard drive (or into books or the trash can).


PhiSigKris said...

Since Jeremy is a computer nerd, we have quite a few of our movies on the hard drive, plus a TON of Netflix stuff that he copied and sent back pronto. The media program he uses automatically alphabetizes them, or you can make folders to organize them. This way you don't have to get off the couch, locate the dvd, put it in the player, and then once it's done repeat the process....the clicker does it all for you :o) And you don't have to worry about scratching the dvd, which I have done. So our dvds are safely preserved in IKEA boxes.

Annie said...

HOW did I miss this post? LOL!