Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pump the jam

Briefly ...

I realized last night -- at midnight, while I was trying to pump a pair of VERY FULL AND SORE BOOBS -- that my milk isn't gone ... the PUMP I own just isn't working anymore.

I never got one of those big fancy electrical pumps, but I do have a hand pump and it has worked fine for me over the past year. Well, the seal has broken so now I have to just buy another one.

While I was at work, my boobs started getting rock hard and FULL of milk (really, rock. hard. I made Geoff feel when I got home) I wasn't exactly thrilled. But I realized "Wait a minute, when Phoebe stops nursing this is probably going to happen again." And, uh, people ... I am not looking forward to that AT ALL. Mostly because I'm not sure how well I'll be able to function when I'm laid up on Vicodin for the pain.

It's early for me (didn't get to sleep until 1 a.m.) so my thoughts are scattered, but the job is going really well.

Even if, at one point, I was frantically draining my boob into some wadded up toilet paper in the bathroom because I started leaking on my shirt.

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robyn :) said...

i could not live without my electric pump-in-style! glad your milk is still in full force :) when i weaned lily from the breastmilk, yes, it was a tough week of discomfort and alien-shaped boobies, but it was nice to get the old ones back. well, not really back as they were before, because they just weren't the same. and that's ok. they have provided my kids with lots of yumminess and that's worth ANY changes incurred in the process!