Friday, August 28, 2009


That's all I'd need in order to buy every item in the current J. Crew catalog.

Well, not every item exactly.

I only included 1 color of each item. That's it -- just one color! I am not being greedy, folks. Well, except of course for the Italian Cashmere Crewneck which, I read in the J. Crew catalog, is "the only thing we can justify owning in every color".

So, okay, I included all 15 colors of that one. At $145 a pop. I mean, so I'm not being unreasonable here. I'm totally being rational.

And I left out all the wedding attire because, well, I'm already married and I don't think I'll be a bridesmaid any time soon. And I left out the menswear because Geoff is low maintenance about clothes and he doesn't need new clothes like I do.

I just want one of each item. That's it! Nothing more. Just a few pair of jeans, and some jackets and jewelry. Oh and the shoes. All the shoes and boots.

It's less than $25,000. Someone has to have that kind of money laying around, waiting to be given to a 31 year old mother of 1 who needs new clothes.


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robyn :) said...

i say, in the meantime,until you find some $$$ stash, shop yard sales! joe and i find banana republic, hollister, ann taylor, j. crew and so many awesome name brand clothes for $1/piece of clothing. i could never justify buying such beautiful clothes on my salary of $0.00 annually. whatever you do, don't flip through a pottery barn kids catalog or even worse, walk through the store... we did and are wondering how we could ever afford some of our dream items in there.