Saturday, August 15, 2009

The bird book

Several months before Phoebe was born, Geoff and I found a book at Costco called The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Western North America. Geoff and I LOVED this book and would routinely torture Lola by playing the songs, making her run to the sliding glass door and want to go get the birdies.

Sadly, the birdies were only on the pages of the book.

Anyway, when Phoebe was a little newborn -- maybe a week or 2 old -- we started playing some of the songs for her and she loved them! Of course we'd play her the black phoebe songs, but the rest of them really seemed to calm her down and pique her interest.

Yesterday I was playing on the laptop and I heard birds chirping and looked over and saw that Phoebe was playing with her birdie book.

Not tearing out the pages.

Not throwing the book all over the living room.

Just calmly and purposefully pressing the button to play the songs with her pointer finger.

It was so precious the way she just sat there, so curious about the sounds.

I was happy my little Phoebebird didn't fly off before letting me take a few pictures.

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robyn :) said...

she is so sweet! she reminds me alot of lily, with her love of frogs and birdies :) isn't motherhood wonderful?!