Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My first wordless Wednesday

(a lot of bloggers do "Wordless Wednesday" posts ... I felt like blogging, but not saying much today ... so this just felt right. And, yes, I realize these are words, but whatever - I had to explain myself. Also, the effects on that black and white pic is from our camera -- not photoshop)


Leanne said...

That pic of her brushing her hair is my new FAVORITE -- it's going in a frame in my house!! SO PRECIOUS!

Candice Lynn said...

I think she wants you to back off in that last picture. And what camera do you have? Because I need a new one, enjoy the special effects yours can do, and thoroughly trust your recommendations in such matters.

Meghan said...

Leanne - She LOVES brushing her hair! LOL It's SO CUTE!

Candice - It's a Canon PowerShot SD970 IS ... it has HD video and all KINDS of cool tricks. The last picture I was trying to use the Macro zoom thing ... it's so awesome, but unfortunately, yeah, the camera sorta has to be all up in her face. hehehe