Monday, August 31, 2009

The results of forsaking naps in favor of fresh air

Back when Geoff and I started dating (600 years ago) we used to take day trips to places around the county. We'd go poke anemones in Morro Bay and walk the bluffs in Montana de Oro and check out the Elfin Forest in Los Osos.

We'd always bring sandwiches, chips, water, and find a nice place to picnic. We'd come back to his place and take lazy naps in the afternoon.

After having the baby, we really haven't done too much day tripping because we do not own a pack mule to haul all the stuff necessary to leave the house for a couple of HASSLE-FREE hours with an infant.

Well, that all changed yesterday when we decided to go to Montana de Oro for some fresh ocean air.

I warned Geoff.

"Geoff", I said. "Look. The baby is gonna get grumpy the longer we take out there if she doesn't get her nap. We can either try to squeeze it in in the morning or wait until she wakes up".

Geoff said "But then you have to go to work and we might not be able to go"

And I said "But Geoff, if she doesn't get her nap she's gonna get REALLY cranky".

"Oh she should be fine for a couple of hours."

"Geoff, no, really, that baby needs her nap. I want to go, too, but it's going to make our lives miserable when she starts to get cranky".

"So we can't ever do anything again because of her nap?"

"No. We can't do anything ever again."

"Hm. I think she'll be fine if she doesn't take her nap right away."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Don't worry. She'll be fine -- once we get to the beach she'll be distracted and she won't be cranky".

We left the house 30 minutes before she would normally be going down for her nap. People, I don't risk going ANYWHERE that close to morning nap because I have learned (through exhausting trial and error) that my child NEEDS her morning nap. I can't run to the grocery store, LET ALONE go somewhere 20 miles from home without the nap.

We stopped at Subway for sandwiches, and headed to Montana de Oro.

It was cold in Montana de Oro. Foggy. Misty. The fresh air felt amazing.

We stopped to pee at Starbucks.

The baby started crying at Starbucks.

We walked the bluffs for a bit (Phoebe was distracted by my feeding her Nilla Wafers -- worth more than GOLD in this house) and Geoff had to carry her halfway through because she didn't want to be in the Ergo.

And then we got back in the car, drove to the parking lot closest to the beach, and walked close to the water.

The beach at Montana de Oro is filled with tons of rocks and people collecting them. It's fun to sit on a blanket and try to find the best ones.

I made a little pile on the blanket of my finds, which went into the pocket of Geoff's blue hoodie for safekeeping.

Phoebe was distracted by the rocks (which she kept putting in her mouth) and after us telling her "No - you can't put the rocks in your mouth" and "No, you can't throw the rocks at mommy and daddy" I think about 3 times? Maybe 4? She had finally lost it.

She cried almost the entire way home.

"Well, we made it 2 hours", Geoff said.

When we got home, she nursed and went to sleep.

And I went to sleep.

And when I woke up, I noticed Geoff was sleeping on the sofa because he was worn out, too.

Geoff reported to me that she was great while I was at work.

And then she woke me up 3 times in the middle of the night. Because that is what happens when naps don't go as scheduled. She wakes up a million times in the middle of the night because her little pea brain can't handle a change in schedule.

So today, I am exhausted. Because my little pea brain also can't handle a change in schedule. Still. After 14 and a half months of being a parent.

And when she woke up 45 minutes into her nap this morning, I groaned LOUDLY, went up there, nursed her, and put her back in her crib.

Where she's been for the past 40 minutes now. Finally getting caught up on her sleep.

But at least I did get to take this picture yesterday, which is quickly becoming my new all-time favorite ...

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Annie said...

Don't you love those instances where they say, "So I/we can never do XYZ again because of the baby?" Like when I asked Mike not to make smoothies at 5am before he went to work... "So I can never run the blender again?" I think my mature response to that one was, "Sure, go ahead. I can sleep when I'm dead."