Saturday, August 1, 2009

Why I Love Geoff

About 8 years ago, I lost 20 lbs in just under 2 months doing a low-carb diet. I started out at the weight I am now, and back when I was 22 that was FAT!

Oh how we learn.

In any event, several times thereafter if I needed to lose weight, I'd do a low-carb diet. I wouldn't gorge myself on cheese and bacon, I'd just eat simply: meat, veggies, salads, eggs ... oh, and loads of caffeinated coffee with half and half. And because I was poor back then, I'd usually eat cheap meats like hamburger steaks (oh how I love you) and lots of broccoli and cauliflower.

Then I met Geoff and we were both thin and gorgeous (it's my blog, I can say what I want) and we didn't worry about diets and what-not and went out to eat and I always ordered french fries because if I'm at a restaurant I am ordering french fries. And then at some point Geoff and I both discussed that we'd like to lose some weight (probably before the wedding) and I told him about low-carb dieting and how amazing it was for me.

He didn't believe me.

He said "I can't LIVE without bread!" and I said "I know, and that's why we're fat".

And variations of that discussion have taken place between us for basically the duration of our relationship.

I may have been a successful dieter (many times over) and former personal trainer, BUT he's the biologist and I obviously did not know anything about losing weight.

So you can imagine my DELIGHT when -- after getting some blood test results back yesterday showing he has low cholesterol, but high triglicerides -- Geoff said to me "Yeah, the doctor told me that the triglicerides are what's caused by the carbs, so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to do a low-carb diet, or just start eating eggs on the weekends for breakfast instead of my cereal and fruit".

Can you imagine how I felt in that moment? It was glorious.

I'd like to put that feeling into a lacquer box and open it up the next time Geoff doubts that I KNOW EVERYTHING!

I don't know everything.

I sat there next to him in the car -- in the parking lot of the Mid-State Fair, about to eat corn dogs until we burst -- knowing that I still would like to lose 5 (okay if I'm dreaming and want to fit into size 6s again, 15) lbs and also knowing that without Geoff's cooperation it's not going to be possible because the man thinks taking a trip to the grocery store MUST involve the purchase of ice cream, and said "You know what, that sounds like a really great idea."

... but let's just start after we're done finishing the cheesecake I made for National Cheesecake Day on Thursday.

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