Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last night we had what Geoff described as one of his top 5 favorite meals ever at The Range in Santa Margarita.

Oysters with a crunchy curried panko crust. To die for. Crawfish cakes with house pickled okra in a yummy buttery spicy thin tomato sauce. Delicious. House cured olives. I had the gulf shrimp special. Geoff had the lamb.

We shared the honey lavender creme brulee.

Everything was amazing.

Geoff bought me 1200 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets (I didn't even know they went up that high!) I bought Geoff a Lacoste polo shirt (which he didn't wear to dinner because it hadn't been washed yet).

We had a great time.

I wish it was our anniversary every day of the year. Or at least that we could eat a meal like that every day.

All of us slept well last night, including Phoebe.

What a great start to another year of being married.

We even discussed siblings for Phoebe ... stay tuned people.

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Kyle Johnson said...

We're probably going to have to wait a little longer considering I didn't read any mention of mai tais