Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh I'm still alive all right

I just wanted to post and apologize for the L O N G delay in posting anything ... our laptop broke (mostly because I spilled about 64 ounces of water on it) and that means computer access has been limited to the OLD desktop in our bedroom.

Which means if Phoebe is awake, I can't use it. And if Geoff is asleep, I can't use it. And when Phoebe naps, it's during the day, which is when it's been like 106 degrees here and -- you may recall -- we have no air conditioning.

So ... I have stuff going on, but it's just been nearly impossible to write about it.

As I type this (on the LOUDEST keyboard in the WORLD) I can hear Geoff fidgeting in bed because I'm making too much noise.

I just wanted to check in and let you (anyone who is still reading after, like, FOUR YEARS of me not posting) know that I'm still here. I'm still alive.

And Phoebe has finally started babbling.

And if I could figure out how to get the videos Geoff took with his cell phone off his desktop and moved to mine, I'd totally post one here.

In the meantime, I remain, drinking something out of a red can. And at 11 o'clock at night, it's safe for you to assume it's not a Coke.

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Jaffey said...

Haha. I want a red can too!