Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I finally got a Kitchen Aid mixer for my birthday last month and love it very much. It looks like this:

I had been using a Sunbeam which was humble and inexpensive and red and it was sentimental to me because I learned to cook using my mom's brown Sunbeam which lasted her about 500 years (approximately).

And then, mine broke after 3 years of (really infrequent) use.

I was so disappointed. I had to sell out and give in to the Kitchen Aid. I needed something reliable. And sturdy enough for pizza bianca. Truthfully I think the ol' Sunbeam just couldn't handle the pizza bianca dough.

But I love my mixer. It's red and beautiful and my husband is the best husband in America for getting together all our family members in order to pool funds so I could get it for my birthday.

So a few weeks ago I talked to my mother-in-law who told me "Now if there's any attachments you want for your mixer, let me know, you know, for Christmas presents!"

(Have I told you people how amazing she is about presents, Christmas and otherwise? I'm serious -- she is a CHAMPION present buyer)

And I said "Well, I know I'd love the meat grinder one" and she said "Well let me know -- email me a list!"

I mean, I don't NEED the meat grinder attachment, but I would like it.

And then today I got the new Williams Sonoma Catalog.

And on about the 6th page in, I saw this:

And realized that my life would not be complete unless I owned this.

Can I tell you HOW MUCH PASTA I EAT!? I love it. It's my favorite food group.

It's Phoebe's favorite food group.

And with this attachment THERE'S NO ROLLING OUT DOUGH!



You put a ball of dough in the top and it squeezes it out.

It makes bucatini, people. BUCATINI!!!!!

You know, the pasta that is the one served with my FAVORITE dish: pasta alla'matriciana.

That one.

Bucatini, people.

I need this attachment.

But, um, $200?


Maybe someone is selling one at a yard sale somewhere ... ?

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Kyle Johnson said...

I don't know about the central coast, but I can't find bucatini anywhere here...makes me mad, because I would probably substitute that for spaghetti every time.