Thursday, October 8, 2009

Month 15, A Review

Dear Phoebe,

I realize at this point you are nearly 16 months old, but a lot has been happening in the past month (er 6 weeks).

On your actual 15 month birthday, we celebrated by going to Sylvester's with Annie and Joey and Lucy and Domenick. You got a few bites of fries, but were so sleepy you almost fell asleep at the table.

In the past month, the big news is that you've started babbling! I left for work on a Saturday night (or was it a Sunday? I can't even remember anymore) and your dad sent me a video message on my phone and I couldn't open it! When I got home he showed me about 20 videos he took with his phone of you babbling away! Your favorite string of babble? "mamuhmamuhmamuhmamuh", which looks and sounds more like an actor warming up his lips and jaw for a performance than it does baby babbling, but I'm not complaining because it's taken you SO LONG to get there.

It's so surreal to hear your voice.

I have been working on Mondays lately (last Monday was the last one for awhile) and so your grandma has been coming over to babysit you until Daddy gets home from work. I think you have been enjoying the time with someone other than your parents, particularly since she fed you some rice pudding the other day and judging by how well received the bites were I gave you last night, you were probably thrilled!

In the past month, we have been trying to determine what you won't eat. So far, the one thing I'm sure of is that you're not a big fan of plain white rice. Nope. I took you to Thai food and figured you'd eat plain white rice, but you were not interested.

You've eaten now: salmon, mussels, chile verde, a pickled jalapeno (you grabbed it off my pizza after I told you "NO!"), a brined olive, shrimp, lemon, and other things that are escaping my memory now. Mostly I was impressed with the mussels and chile verde. And the chile verde was spicy, too! You are so curious about everything, even food. I can't tell you how relieved your dad and I are about that!

The other major news of the past month (and one of the MAJOR reasons for the delay of this review) is that I spilled about a gallon of water onto the laptop. And then about 2 weeks later, the monitor on our other computer just up and died. We bought a new monitor the day it died, but it has been extremely difficult to get online upstairs. Either your dad is sleeping or you are awake when I go to write, and neither one works out well for being upstairs and clicking away at a keyboard.

I finally decided to sit down and write today after getting my "Your 15 month old: week 4" email in my inbox today. Oops. Guess I have been slacking. Oh, and also that it's October now. Wait -- It's October now!?

Time for fall. Time to get serious.

We're not sure if you're going to be walking soon. You're definitely getting more confident in standing up and no longer need a table to help you stand up -- you can use flat things, like the bathroom wall (YAY toilet paper rolls are FUN!), the dishwasher (BUTTONS!) or the front door (Lola's leash is conveniently just within reach of you if we forget to wind it up around the hook, and you LOVE playing with it, causing Lola to into fits of apoplexy).

At your most recent doctor's appointment, you got 2 shots: chicken pox and one of the heptatituses (A, I think) and you barely even whimpered for both. The nurse was impressed and couldn't believe it. You cry without stopping when your teeth come in, but shots? Pfft. You can handle shots. It amazes me every single time.

You are still in the "<3%" for weight, but at 78th for height. So, you're still long and lean. Your 12 month size jeans are so big around the waist, even when I tighten the inside belt things to the extreme. And yet -- they are ankle length. But they look so cute on you, I can't help but make you wear them all the time.

You are infinitely curious these days. Your dad and I try in vain to keep the house picked up, but you must touch and inspect EVERYTHING you see. You know what "buttons" do be they on cell phones or remote controls. And you love to sit in front of the fan with the remote control and watch as pressing buttons influences the speed and direction of the fan.

Everything in life lately is going well. We're all happy for the cooler weather now and except for getting 3 molars all at once, you're still a very happy and easy-going baby.

We have some friends who have told us twice now that we are the best parents they know. Your dad and I always insist that we have the best baby.

They say "Oh no that's only part of it -- you guys are doing a really good job."

And we just look at you and smile, playing peacefully in your stroller at the party full of adults drinking wine and eating appetizers and think about how lucky we are.


P.S. I'm not entirely sure how to upload pictures onto the desktop (another reason for the delay), but once your dad explains it to me I'll be uploading some (okay, a lot). For now, I only have the one (a current favorite) of you asleep in your stroller at Dewar's, with just the smallest amount of hot fudge dripping down the side of your mouth.

The shirt is a "Hang Ten" that was mine when I was your age.

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