Friday, October 23, 2009

Why I Love Geoff

Geoff was home sick on Tuesday and Wednesday, but decided to go into work on Thursday. His birthday.

That man -- so backwards.

In any event, when he got home last night, he was exhausted and still not feeling well, so he took a hot shower, had some dinner and some birthday apple pie (his preferred birthday dessert) and we watched our Thursday night shows.

Somewhere in the middle of watching The Office, he asked me if we had any cough drops. I told him "Of course!" and told him where they were in the kitchen.

I followed him into the kitchen because I know that sometimes -- even with EXPLICIT instructions -- he can't find things when I tell him where they are. So he opened the cabinet (which also houses tea and vitamins, for those of you who are curious about the insides of our cabinets) and saw all the herbal teas in there.

He said "I should probably have some tea, too, huh?" and I said "Yes! That would be really good for you!"

He picked up the one from Trader Joe's, "Hmm, Organic Mint Melange" and I said "No no no, you should have "Gypsy Cold Care!" and he said "You never tell me about that stuff!"

It's in the cupboard. The cupboard in the kitchen we share because we live together.

Anyway, I told him to brew it really strong to get the best result.

Then I saw he had grabbed 2 of the 3 bags of cough drops (hey - when I'm sick, I like variety) but left the one with menthol!

I said "Hey -- these cough drops with menthol are really good for you!"

And he said "Blech! I don't like the menthol ones -- they taste nasty! -- I want Cherry Luden's! You know, the ones that aren't really cough drops."

Ladies and gentlemen, yesterday my husband turned 36 years old.

Happy birthday, baby.

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