Wednesday, November 4, 2009


When I was in junior high, I wrote a love letter to Ian Ziering (for those of you NOT in the know, he played Steve on the original Beverly Hills, 90210 and NO MOM I TOTALLY DIDN'T STAY UP TO WATCH IT WHEN YOU WERE TAKING YOUR COLLEGE NIGHT CLASSES! I SWEAR).

Anyway, I really didn't like him all that much. In fact, my reasoning for writing him the letter was that he was the ugliest one on the cast and, therefore, probably got the least amount of fan mail.

Yes, I've always been this charming. Ask me about my Real World audition and asking a girl how much she weighed RIGHT IN FRONT of Matt from the Hawaii Real World.

Anyway, I figured my letter would stand out SO MUCH (because he'd only get, you know like maybe 1 a month or something) that he'd see the picture of me (in my cotillion dress that my mom made -- yes, I sent a picture) that he'd, I dunno, send a limo to Bakersfield to take me to the set where I could meet the REALLY hot guys (Luke Perry and Jason Priestly, duh).

I never got a reply.

A few years ago, I read on a gossip site somewhere that Ian married a Playboy Playmate.

Guess I kinda missed the mark on that cotillion picture a little bit.

Also, if I'd have waited just 2 years to send a picture, I'd have at least had boobs. That coulda made a huge difference.

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