Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's the policy on this?

So some of you might know that I'm pregnant again. And if you didn't, HELLO! I'M PREGNANT AGAIN! And now that you know, could you please explain to me HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD THIS KEEPS HAPPENING!

Anyway, I'm due basically on Phoebe's birthday so I'm very familiar with being pregnant at this time of year and wanting to -- more or less -- vomit on command.

Although if I'm being honest, I have to say that I started taking vitamin b6 and it's helped TREMENDOUSLY with the nausea. I mean, so much so that I'm convinced it's probably not safe for me or the baby (it is, I asked my midwife) and it's so unusual to not want to dry heave all day long that I'm even thinking about doing this AGAIN (yes, Geoff, I told you I wanted at least 3 kids -- deal with it).

Like last time, we're going to wait to find out the baby's sex until the baby is born and that means we gotta come up with 2 names.

Luckily, we already have a boy's name (Jack Michael, after Geoff's 90 year old grandpa) but the girl's name is MUCH more difficult. Particularly now that we already have one girl named Phoebe. A name EVERYONE loves. Everyone asks "What's her name?" and I go "Phoebe" and women (I swear to you) put their hands on their hearts and go "I LOVE that name" and smile approval at both Phoebe and I.

And this means we can't just name the next one Amy. Or, you know, Jennifer. Or whatever.

So there's a LOT of pressure.

Geoff and I still like Allison as our "we couldn't think of anything better" name and we like the nickname Alli (which, Dear Lord, is the name of a weight loss drug, but we'd pronounce it al-lee and not al-lie like the weight loss drug), but in spite of liking that name, I'm determined to find something JUST right.

I pulled out the name books from last time, and looked at the ones I circled and starred and wrote out with our last name. You know, like "Daphne H." with little hearts and what-not.

And one of the names I circled was "Marlo".

Geoff likes the name Marlo.

I like the name Marlo.

And Dooce named her daughter (ALSO BORN IN JUNE) Marlo.

And I thought "What is the policy on this?"

I know it's taboo to steal a friend's name ... but a famous blogger? I mean, really, who else is gonna know? Not my mom. Not our families. My friends might know.


But ... like ... so what.

But I'm wondering ... what's the policy? If someone wants to name their daughter Ivy or Fable or Marlo ... is that ... I mean, is that something the UNCOOL kids would do?

Is it?

And, furthermore, do I care about being uncool on the internet? Probably not.

But ... really ... what's the policy?


Stephanie Precourt said...

It's totally YOUR call. We are inspired by names everywhere- TV shows, movies, friends, magazines, fashion designers, and especially the Internet! I say go for it! It's not the same as say, your neighbor or best friend or sister in law having the same baby name- much different in my opinion!

PS love the name Marlo and I'm certain the Armstrongs did not invent that name!


Maria Melee said...

Seriously, don't worry about it. In the span of your child's life, how many people would be like "Oh my goodness, that's Dooce's kid's name!" (I mean, she's big but she's not THAT big.)

One of my kids shares a name with a handful of celeb kids and no one has commented on that yet, if that helps!

Kristin said...

I say go for it!

My first daughters name was used by another blogger. And it was a blogger who helped me name Brooklin.

If it seems right, use it!

Melissa Stover said...

if it's in the baby book anyone can choose it, right? i'm sure there's more than one marlo in the world already.

Leanne said...

I have NO idea what protocol is -- but honestly -- who cares?? It's not like she's gonna be in kindergarten with the other "marlo" ya know -- you're not close friends or whatever. I mean, if I named my girl Phoebe, there are obviously some rules being broken there!! But not in internet world....

And also, OH MY GOD, I FREAKIN' L.O.V.E. THE NAME DAPHNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially with Phoeble -- it's the "ph" sound apparently.

Erin said...

I don't follow dooce religiously, but since I'm always hearing people complain about how she never pays it forward by responding to comments or commenting on blogs, you're safe to steal Marlo. And you're not really stealing it because, like Steph, said she didn't invent it!
Anyway, I really think stealing names from people IRL is awkward, but internet stealing is okay, because it's not like you'll find yourself at a playgroup with these people any time in the near future.

robyn :) said...

i was so sad that i hadn't thought of "apple" before gwyneth paltrow. i think it is adorable, esp when you hear her answer about why they named their daughter apple (something about being sweet).

my older sister's name is willow. a good family friend and his wife had a baby girl that they named willow, a few years ago. they had asked how she might feel about that and she felt honored.

i agree with AinB, if she's not a close friend or neighbor or family member who kinda had dibs on it first, then go for it. if you hadn't blogged here, i would've thought she was named after the very talented marlo thomas.

i wanted "birch" or "leif" for noah, but joe and lily scoffed at me. so, technically, if i have another (very doubtful) i still claim dibs on those two.

enjoy the mystery of not knowing and look forward to the fun of finding out near phoebe's 2nd birthday!!!

hope morning sickness leaves you soon. i predict a boy-i had morning sickness with noah and not with lily so much.

later, robyn :)

Megan (mommyesquire) said...

I have an aunt named Marlo so she certainly didn't invent the name... If you are uncomfortable with the thought that you are "taking" someone else's name (which you totally aren't), how about changing it up a bit to Margo or Margaux? I went to college with a Margaux and always loved that name...

Anonymous said...

Pick a name that inspires you... even if it is being used by another blogger. My 1YO shares a name with another blogger's (and commentor) 1YO. Neither of us stole it from the other. We just discovered over email that the same name was at the top of each of our lists. It was totally cool (especially since we live so many states away from one another)! One day it'll be neat when our daughters get to meet!!

Unknown said...

There are three of us bloggers (that I know of) who have or are having a baby girl in the last few months and we are all basically naming our babies the same thing, just variations on the name (mostly diff. spellings.) So, I say if you LOVE Marlo name your baby Marlo.

And yes, Phoebe is a very cute name (picture me with my hand over my heart...) ;-)

Meghan said...

You guys are awesome! Megan -- Margo/Margaux is a name we both like, too ... obviously we're still in negotiations, but I didn't want to cross Marlo off our list so soon (because it's IMPOSSIBLE to find a name the hubs and I agree on ... impossible! -- I swear I had to do my best sales pitch EVER to win "Phoebe" and it was only when we saw a black phoebe sitting on our friends' fence and my BIRD WATCHER husband said "Hey that's a black phoebe" did I look at him and go "See? That's her name, dood".

Of course, I'm also still gunning for Molly (even if a lot of people think that's a dog's name ...)

Meghan said...

Oh and also, I always love that only ONE PERSON in the life of Phoebe has said "... like Friends?" and not EVERY SINGLE PERSON (which is what Geoff thought would happen)

denise said...

Umm...just say it is after Marlo to be you and me. Her advice is good!

NicoleLJ said...

I'm coming in WAY WAY late (I read this when you posted it, but now that I feel like we're Twitter friends I feel like I should respond :P)

You're fine!

I have 3 boys (Simon, Quinn and Kieran). Both Quinn and Kieran would have been Ivy if they were a girl. Now I'm expecting #4 and if she's a girl she'll be... Ivy. When a certain famous blogger with 3 boys and a girl named that girl Ivy (Hi, Steph!) I had a moment of pause. But we're still naming a girl Ivy, if we ever have one. My DH's argument is that in "real life" we don't have this connection so it doesn't count :p

But I think we're all OK anyway bc I'm sure #4 will be another boy :p