Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life: Fail

Last night while watching a movie:

Geoff: Don't you want to eat any ice cream?

Me: Yes, of course I do, but I'm trying REALLY HARD not to gain weight like I did with Phoebe

(for those of you keeping score, I gained ABOUT 50 lbs with Phoebe ... for those of you who are keeping an honest score, when I say "about", I mean "10 plus")

Geoff: Whatever

(5 minutes later)

Me: Hmm, I really want popcorn

(3 minutes later)

Me: Geoff, you want any? I put extra melted butter on top.


... but, really, it was delicious and we buy the no butter stuff, so it wasn't THAT bad

This morning, while watching the weather report.

Me: Wow! I can't believe the high is 62 today. It's been a really mild winter so far.

Geoff: Yeah, no kidding.

(4 hours later, while checking the mail)

Me (to self, while wearing jeans, long-sleeved shirt, and hoodie): Holy freaking crap it's FREEZING COLD OUTSIDE NO WAY IN THE WORLD IT'S 62 DEGREES, I'M PUTTING ON A FLEECE JACKET.


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