Sunday, January 3, 2010

Giving this a try

I just learned today that Amazon has partnered with Blogger to help monetize blogs based on a blogger's review of something available for purchase on Amazon.

As I do 90% of my online shopping from Amazon (love it SO MUCH) I thought I'd give it a try.

So ... first off, let me recommend the following THAT I LOVE SO MUCH:

When Geoff and I started dating, I had a bottle of Hempz lotion in my bathroom that he'd use EVERY SINGLE TIME he was at my house. I bought him a bottle for our first Christmas together in 2005.

And he uses about one bottle each year (he uses it as a face lotion). And each year I buy him a bottle of it.


And -- best part -- it makes buying his Christmas gifts sorta easy because that one is always a given.

And each year he has said to me in December "Man, I need more lotion" and I go "I know you do ... but Christmas is coming up".

And he always acts surprised when he opens the box.

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