Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

... how we spent the day before coming home to pois pigeon (hoppin' john), cornbread and brownies.

Little Phoebe Blue Eyes

We had our first date and then got married within view of Morro Rock. It felt good to see it again this morning.

I hate this picture of myself, but hello - check that stroller in the sand, people. IT WENT DOWN THOSE STAIRS, TOO!

She took a few steps on the rocks. She doesn't like carpet most of the time, but the rocks were okay, I guess.

... plus they're good to bang together


Belly shot and I don't know what setting Geoff used to take this picture, but I look like I weigh 100 lbs AND I'm not wearing maternity jeans (morning sickness has prevented weight gain ... so far) so I'm going with it.

... aaaaaaaaaaaand then Phoebe decided to eat some rocks/sand.

"I know you wanna eat more rocks, but mommy and daddy need fried foods for lunch"

cookie monster

One lonely teardrop ... so pitiful

... but a cookie makes it okay. Even if it's seasoned with sand.


Annie said...

Such great pictures! I need that camera!!

Meghan said...

I was VERY PLEASED with how they turned out. I wonder if you can find a used one on ebay ... :D The light was really nice this morning, too, so that helped A LOT. said...

Happy New Year 2010.

robyn :) said...

i love the last picture, with the tear. these are precious times. enjoy every single minute :)