Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's a .... BABY!

Well we resisted the temptation to find out the baby's sex today (oh folks, don't worry, we get ANOTHER chance to resist temptation in February when we go BACK for an echo to make sure baby doesn't have my heart problem).

But I can happily report we have a baby.

A baby who moves so much s/he bumped the doctor's little ultrasound wand. I knew from Phoebe's first ultrasound that she looked like Geoff. I saw a great shot of her face and I said "That is Geoff's face" and we were both convinced it was a boy.

I'm not sure who this baby looks like, but we did get some great profile shots (too bad the scans just aren't as wonderful as the real thing) and baby even feigned fainting in the pics -- always with the hands by his/her face.

Anyway ... it was comforting to find out all is normal (well, for now) and baby looks great!  Note that his/her mouth is open in this one (and was open during a lot of it).  The doctor said "He keeps his mouth open when he's sleeping".

I'm not sure if she was secretly telling us sex, but I think the mouth-breathing definitely proves Geoff is the father.  Even if this one doesn't obviously look like him.

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Annie said...

Heh heh! I still think it's a boy ;)