Thursday, January 28, 2010

Not so bad afterall. Maybe.

Yesterday Phoebe's physical therapist came over and told me that she would no longer be able to provide her services to Phoebe because -- and I quote -- "In my last report, I guess I was a little too honest about her low tone really not being that bad".

She looked disappointed.

I was elated.

She said to me "I usually at least get to stick around to watch them learn to walk, so I'm sad I won't get to watch her first steps. It's really something amazing. I hope you remember it. Make sure you write down the date because they'll walk for the rest of their lives, but that first moment is just so special."

She told me that Phoebe has really great patterns and is gaining muscle strength so that her low tone is really mild and that -- just maybe -- she's just super flexible, constipated and stubborn.

She said that.

She told me that Phoebe might just be stubborn and not want to walk yet.

I told her that's what I diagnosed long before her pediatrician told me I needed to call Specialists.

So Danielle won't be coming over anymore, but ultimately that's a good thing.

So now we're down to 1 therapist who comes once a week.

We haven't yet been assigned a speech therapist, or occupational therapist, but instead we just have Emily whose job it is to teach Geoff and I how to help Phoebe learn to talk, walk, etc. She works with Phoebe one-on-one, and tells me the entire time she's here "Okay work with her doing this" or "That's really good - see if you can get her to do that".

And so on.

The really big news was that Phoebe signed "more" yesterday. I couldn't believe it. I have long talked a LOT of shit about teaching children sign language (again, Phoebe's not deaf, why would I teach her to sign?) and so I was sticking with ONE word to teach her, just as an experiment to see if it worked.

It did.

And shortly after she did "more" (looking prouder of herself than ever), she did "milk".

First of all people, have you seen what the sign for milk looks like?

It looks like "Milking a cow".

With both hands.

When I tried to get Phoebe doing "more" or "milk" (the latter she hasn't done again, the former she hasn't stopped doing) on video, she did NOT cooperate.

So ... what ... it's been 1 month and already things are looking better?


The physical therapist said Phoebe is so close to walking it should happen any time.

I'm not holding my breath, but I'm hoping at least to be able to catch it on video when it does.


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robyn :) said...

yay for you guys! and yay to lil flexible, stubborn phoebe for learning sign language and eliminating one of her therapists.

when lily was a little tot and not speaking a whole bunch, she would whimper and whine at me for what she wanted. i didn't realize they were teaching her ASL in daycare and wondered why, when i opened the fridge, she would cry and clench her hands, over and over again, like squeezing an utter. they started giving me the handouts of the words they were learning, so it was nice to know she was asking for milk in her own little toddler way.

wanna see phoebe learn a word REAL fast? "cookie" was learned in about .2 seconds... ok, more realistically it took me showing her and giving her a cookie, maybe 3 times. and "apple" was an easy one too :P i was with you at first-sign language seemed so pretentious for the hearing child until i realized it beats listening to a screaming, frustrated one. it really works.