Monday, January 4, 2010

Okay seriously, this is the best gum ever

I have loved fake watermelon flavor since FOREVER. My first love was probably the watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers. Next to peach, the best flavor of jolly rancher EVER!

So, today at Vons, I picked up a pack of this gum:

I just popped in a piece and, seriously, IT'S THE BEST GUM OF MY LIFE!

The gimmick is that there's these "micro bursts" that are supposed to offer a hydrating sensation and OMFG people -- it works.

GREAT watermelon flavor and a great mouth-watering sensation when you start chewing. It's SO GOOD.

Without giving away too much information, let me just say that I wish I had this gum in high school and college, when dry mouth occasionally became a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Megan, I am truly enjoying reading your blog. I'm a retired Sailor, serving 21 years in the world's finest Navy (that would be the US Navy, of course). I found it because I was looking for the carnitas recipe from TripleD. Did you ever make it again with evap milk? Just curious. BTW, the reason I'm responding is to tell you to try watermelon cough drops. They are like candy with Vitamin C. Wait. They ARE candy with VC!!