Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why I Love Geoff

I try really hard not to vent little wifely frustrations on here, but this one was such a typical "husband" moment that I feel FORCED to share.

A week ago, we had people over to watch football and eat food and let their babies test out the childproofedness of our house.

It was a victory for all.

During this visit, our computer-minded friend told Geoff he would fix the laptop I waterboarded back in September(ish?).

Geoff had tried to install the hard drive from a new computer into the old laptop and it didn't work, so before giving it to our friend, he returned the original hard drive to the laptop.

I want you people to know that hard drive contains ALL THE PICTURES I took of Phoebe from birth until, well, September(ish) of last year.

Our external hard drive also took a spill, but that one (mercifully) was not my fault. And on a sidenote, Geoff has been more concerned about the 50,000 songs he had on that external hard drive THAN THE ONLY COPIES WE HAVE OF PICTURES OF OUR FIRSTBORN CHILD.

Anyway, during the removal of the hard drive, Geoff required tweezers.

He asked me for a pair of tweezers.

I said "Really? You can't use anything else?"

He exhaled and said "No, I think that's the only thing that's going to work".

So I ran upstairs (after being on my feet cooking and chasing a toddler basically all day) and grabbed my tweezers.

The ones I paid $25 for at Sephora 2 years ago because not only are they Tweezerman, but they're LEOPARD PRINT.

He used them successfully, and I didn't think more about the tweezers until I went to the bathroom downstairs and saw that my eyebrows were spreading out and I needed to get to work.

I looked on the side table where Geoff had left them and they weren't there.

I thought "Hm, wonder if Geoff put them somewhere or if the baby got them".

Since I hadn't seen them downstairs, I figured Geoff put them somewhere.

And wherever it was that he put them, it was not where I keep them.

So I asked him that night when he got home from work.

"Hey, did you move my tweezers from the side table?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Uh, well I need them. Where did you put them?"

"Oh, uh, on the bed somewhere"

I knew they weren't on the bed that morning when I woke up or the previous night when we went to sleep so I looked all over the floor around the bed for them and couldn't find them.

I fluffed the down comforter, scared the dog, and hurt my knees bending around looking for these tweezers (while my eyebrows started to spread like a Los Angeles suburb).

I didn't find them.

That night before bed, I said "Geoff, I couldn't find my tweezers"

He said "Just use mine"

And I said "I don't like yours! They're crap!"

He said "Well, I put them on the bed. Did you look for them?"

Me "Yes! And I just want to warn you, they cost $25 and so when I have to go replace them, I don't want any lip about how much they cost."

Geoff (while ruffling sheets and bending over trying to find them) "$25!? Why would you spend $25 on tweezers?"

Me "Irrelevant! I bought them before we were married AND they're GREAT tweezers I thought would last longer than 2 and a half years"

Geoff rustled the sheets some more and then gave up.

All I know is I better not get any lip when I order my replacements.

Now if only he could lose my cell phone ...

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Leanne said...

I remember those tweezers!!! You bought them when I came to visit you before your wedding (when I conveniently forgot all my makeup and *had* to go to Sephora to replace :)

Maybe I should come visit you again but this time *forget* all my clothes. And my purse. And my sunglasses.